"If you know you can create your own misery, it stands to reason that you can also create your own joy." ~ Jeffers

People seek out therapy for various reasons. Some individuals are looking to manage anxiety, depression, stress from everyday life, or to address unresolved issues from their past experiences. Some people know what they need to do to feel better, but they don’t know how to break free from their thoughts, feelings, or behaviours to make changes.

My approach to therapy is to help clients understand their thoughts and the associated emotions. I believe that thoughts contribute greatly to the way we feel about ourselves, others, and the world. Thoughts also can affect the way we behave and conduct ourselves. If we are unaware of our thoughts in terms of why we think the way we do, the repercussions of our thoughts, and how much we engage in certain thoughts, we could be living our lives guided by our thoughts unconsciously.

Emotions usually follow our thoughts, and thus we could also understand ourselves and our experiences through exploring emotions and the thoughts that precede or accompany those emotional experiences. As an integrative therapist, I use different therapeutic methods to accommodate the needs of clients. For example, some clients prefer to explore their thoughts to address the issues that cause them unhappiness. Some clients rather reflect on their emotions to understand the base of their distress.

No matter what your reasons are for seeking therapy, I provide a client-centered, empathetic, authentic, and accepting place where you can feel safe to be yourself as you share your thoughts and feelings. Collaboratively, we will work together, at your pace, as we figure out how we could navigate and move past your reasons for seeking therapy.